Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

Since 1931

PO  Box  93333, Rochester  NY, 14692

Telephone Hotline: (585) 210-8910

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RaRa Membership Rewards Program

It’s all quite simple – any member who performs a service for the club will be rewarded with points. The points are accruable then redeemable towards things like dues, dinner, gift certificates, and merchandise. I ask you: “How cool is that?” Points do not expire, and can roll over from year to year, as long as your membership is valid (a lapse in your membership will delete your points balance). Accrue and save points towards any redemption objective.

TaskPoints earned
Make a presentation at a monthly meeting30
Public Service Event Leader15
Public Service Event Volunteer5 to 10*
Licensing class Instructor30
VE Testing team member5 per session
Special Event Leader15
Special Event Volunteer5 to 10*
Hamfest Volunteer5 to 10*
* Depending on duration: 5 points for 1/2 day, 10 points for full day events. 
Non-elected Club OfficesPoints earned
Awards Manager50
Club Historian50
Education Coordinator50
Hamfest Producer50
License Testing Coordinator50
Media and Public Relations50
Membership Secretary50
Public Service Coordinator50
Club Station QSL Manager50
Newsletter Editor50
Refreshments Coordinator50
Club Station Trustee50
Telephone Hotline Manager50
Note: Elected officers do not earn points for the offices they hold. 
ItemPoints to redeem
Fall Banquet Ticket30
Annual RaRa Dues (any level)30
RaRa Embroidered Patch5
RaRa Screen Printed Golf Shirt 40
RaRa Screen Printed Baseball Jersey  40
RaRa Screen Printed Hooded Sweatshirt  70
RaRa Mug25
Contact the Membership Secretary to check your points balance, or to redeem points. 

The Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Educational Corporation
Updated: December 26, 2016